Could you ever imagine using water to cut through steel? With state-of-the-art technology, you can. In fact, Reeb Welding can cut through any type of material using waterjet technology, which is a cold cutting process using water and abrasive, known as supersonic water, to erode material.  

How does water and sand cut through material like glass and steel? First, an ultrahigh-pressure pump generates a stream of water 78 times stronger than a fire hose! This pressure is then converted into velocity, creating a waterjet stream as small as a human hair, cutting soft materials like paper, automobile interior or carpet with ease. To cut through very durable materials, the cutting power is increased 1,000 times through the introduction of garnet, an abrasive, into the supersonic waterjet stream. When this mixture exits the cutting head at four times the speed of sound, cutting through ceramic or one-foot thick steel is no problem. In fact, this technology makes cutting through virtually anythingin any shape or thickness, possible.   

As very few businesses have this incredibly precise technology, Reeb Welding is the go-to for any steel/metal cutting project in the region. From industrial pieces like gear segments to unique projects like knives and custom metal artwork the Mach 500 Flow Waterjet table has the ability to do them all with unmatched accuracy, quickness and speed. According to the manufacturer, “the ultrahigh-pressure pump technology, machine control, cutting heads, industry-leading software, and advanced wrist articulation pioneered by Flow are the foundation of the Mach 500.”  

Reeb Welding has several staff members who went through intensive training to run this highly specialized piece of equipment and are ready to help you with your next project.  To learn more about waterjet technology and/or our Mach 500 Flow machine, contact Reeb Welding at (307) 441-1811; we’d love to help you with your project!

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