Client: Prince Steel

Project Completed: March 2021

Service: Specialty

At Reeb Welding have an incredible variety of tools and high-quality machinery at our fingertips, including our Mach 500 Flow Waterjet table. This state-of-the-art machine has the strength to cut through a variety of materials including high quality steel quickly and accurately. That is what drew Louis Prince, owner of Prince Steel to reach out the Reeb Welding for his latest project.  

 Prince has been making custom knives for over 7 years, and as a growing local business, he was looking for a way to ramp up his production. “Reeb has a great name here locally,” states Prince, “When I asked who the best in town was, Reeb was one of the names that came up the most.”  

The Waterjet system was able to cut over one hundred knives in a few short hours, a task that Prince notes would take him multiple days to do by hand. The machine not only helps with time efficiency, but the high production level does not leave any heat transfer which allows Prince to utilize his craftsmanship to heat, shape, and fine tune each knife once it is cut.  

 The Waterjet system allows our highly trained team to help produce quality projects. Interested in using it for your next project? Contact us! 

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