We are almost through second winter in our great state, but know from experience that we have a few more days of snow coming our way. Don’t worry, inclement weather can’t keep us down! With a variety of heavy equipment, Reeb Welding doesn’t stop when the weather covers our city with snow. We keep running so our customers can stay running, even in the worst weather.

The equipment we use is not only essential to completing our customers’ projects, but also to our daily operations. For instance, during a recent snowstorm, our area saw a massive amount of snow in one day, but with our heavy equipment on hand, we were able to easily dig out our facility so work could run as planned.

Blustery weather aside, in addition to getting around the shop site, the Hägglunds BV206 Machine helps us to get into job sites that are difficult to reach and have tough terrain. We can easily load up our supplies and tools and reach any job site anywhere. The rest of our heavy equipment is also integral to daily operations and customer projects. Need to move a large amount of dirt to dig? We’ve got you covered. Building a project and in need of a boom? We can extend that far.

At Reeb Welding, we are not only ready to build for you, we are built to support you, no matter the weather or terrain.

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