Project Completed: July 2020 

Service: Specialty Equipment

Equipment: Mach 500 Waterjet Table

Our Mach 500 Flow Waterjet cutting table allows us to cut the thickest of material to the most accurate design specifications, not missing specific measurements or angles. In July 2020, a client had us cut multiple gear segments for a cable reel drum.

A cable reel is a round drum shaped object that are often used to hold and transport different types of cables and wire products. These segments were cut from 3/4” A36 steel material. Previously our team has cut pinion gears which mesh with these gear segments to drive the cable drum.

The waterjet cutting technology is a cold cutting process which uses water and abrasive to erode countless types of materials, allowing us to cut through the thinnest, most fragile of materials, to the strongest, thickest of steel and stone. Our team can help you with your next project, ensuring it’s cut and fabricated to your specific needs.

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