Pipeline, Specialty

Project Completed: September 2019

Equipment: Mach 500 WaterJet Table

Reeb Welding was recently hired to design and build slip on flanges for a customer in the oil field industry.  As reflected in their name, slip on flanges are designed to slip over a piece of pipe. The flanges are manufactured with an inside diameter that is slightly larger than the pipe’s outside diameter and are attached via a series of welds on various locations on the flange. These particular slip on flanges were 3/8 inch thick and cut from A-36 steel. We utilized our Mach 500 Waterjet Cutting Table to accurately cut these flanges to perfectly match the size of the pipe where they were to be installed.

Reeb Welding manufactures slip on pipe flanges in all steel material grades including carbon and  stainless steel. Our highly skilled staff can design and manufacture an assortment of flanges and other necessary parts for a wide variety of industries. Learn more about the services we can provide by using the state-of-the-art Mach 500 Water Jet Table.

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