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LACT Skid Design and Fabrication - Reeb Welding
Construction, Pipeline, Specialty, Structural

Project Completed: January 2020 

Equipment: Mach 500 WaterJet Cutting Table  & Fabrication Equipment


LACT Skid Design, Fabrication, Install & Maintenance

A LACT Skid or LACT Unit, also known as a Lease Automatic Custody Transfer, is a piece of oil and gas equipment that is primarily used to sample and measure oil so it can be properly delivered from one source or company to another. For example, a pump unit will send oil from a storage tank into the LACT unit for processing prior to being delivered into a pipeline. LACT Units are important because they serve as a system to measure and calculate the quantity and quality of the oil product to determine how much sediment and water exists. If there is too much sediment and water, the product can be diverted to a proper storage tank. The good oil will then be routed to an external storage system or pipeline. The units are generally unmanned, and the systems can typically be monitored remotely, saving time and cost.

Reeb Welding has extensive experience in designing and fabricating LACT Skid Units. Utilizing state of the art equipment, such as our Mach 500 Water Jet Table (Flow Waterjet Cutting technology), and highly skilled team of specialists, Reeb Welding can ensure that skids are delivered, installed and maintained properly. Contact us for your energy, structural and construction related needs and let our team handle your next project.

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