You’re In Good Hands With Reeb Welding!

Reeb Welding, LLC provides essential services to the energy, construction, manufacturing and specialty industries. Services backed by integrity, technical expertise and quality and safety assurances.   

Reeb Welding operates under the highest safety and quality standards.  Beyond being fully insured, we also hold a number of important certifications, that mean our customers can trust that the work they receive will be performed safely and executed correctly. Our specific certifications include:  

  • Operator Qualification (OQ)  Reeb Welding’s applicable personnel have successfully completed training and qualification requirements for performing covered tasks on pipeline facilities, as required by the Operator Qualification Rule. We’re familiar with and able to comply with various plans and programs. 
  • ISN Certified  Reeb Welding completed our ISN certification for compliance ensuring that when you work with us, you’re working with a trustworthy company with verified safety and insurance records.   
  • VeriForce Certified  Reeb Welding is certified by VeriForceTM, a safety compliance management system that enables us to streamline contractor safety prequalification, accelerate contractor time-to-work, and gain insight into contractors’ compliance with our safety requirements. 

Our services, backed by the highest quality and safety standards and certifications, coupled with our integrity-driven business ethic and focus on customer care, means that Reeb Welding customers can trust that the services they receive are top of the line. Contact Reeb Welding today to get started on your next project. We can’t wait to work with you!   

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