Reeb welding owns a wide variety of heavy equipment and advanced machinery that sets us apart from the rest. Having these heavy equipment pieces on hand at the shop is essential to our success of completing large projects on any job site. Read on to learn more about the pieces of heavy equipment we use most frequently to get the job done right: 

Skid Steer 


Our Skid Steers are essential for moving material and projects, loading and unloading material, and light dirt work. Skid steers are a staple piece of equipment in our shop and the field.


When your job needs a lift, we pull out the Telehandler. This agile machine can move and place materials easily on the job site. The extended boom and lift capacity assist in even some of the largest projects so they can be built with ease.  


Digging into your job has never been easier with our Excavators. Used for digging, lifting heavy projects, and material handling, these pieces of equipment offer superior digging power and mobility. Also on hand is a smaller excavator used for small-scaled projects. 



Our backhoes are a valuable piece of equipment to have on hand, especially in Wyoming where hard, rocky ground is almost always found. Backhoes allow us to break up the hard soil wherever necessary and for any project. 

In order to get your project done effectively and efficiently, we keep heavy and advanced equipment on hand and ready to use for any project necessary. It’s one way Reeb Welding is different from the rest and can complete projects right here at the shop. Don’t forget to check out more of our equipment and contact us today for your project needs! 

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