Structural Services

Reeb Welding works with clients to build exactly what they need with our long history of high-quality welding and fabrication for our clients. Whether it is a full, structural project or integral pieces to complete a project, Reeb has the experience and expertise to ensure that the outcome will be safe, reliable, and done right.

Structural projects like stairs and catwalks to platforms and safety ladders are a specialty for our highly trained and experienced welders. From heavy industrial to commercial projects, our team has the experience and fabrication skills to design and deliver customized products to meeting our clients’ specific needs.

Just like our shop, we understand that our clients keep safety at the forefront of their operations. We operate under high safety standards, quality, and integrity. We hold a variety of industry certifications and are fully insured. With that in mind, we design and build custom products with high standards in order to deliver projects that meet the needs of the client and location. We understand OSHA requirements and can build to specific codes as required by specific jobs.

Some recent structural work we have completed includes industrial light poles, cable tray supports, and pipe supports. Using high-quality materials and a team of experts, we pride ourselves on delivering only the best product to our clients. We also have extensive experience in building lact skids and mobile skids and have built numerous custom designed industrial stairs and handrails as well as work platforms. We can work with your team to design custom builds that meet your needs.

Established in 2007, Reeb Welding has over 50 years of combined, diverse experience in the oil, gas, construction, manufacturing, and specialty industries.  With attention to detail and a value-driven work ethic, Reeb Welding has an excellent reputation for high quality product and service, outstanding customer care and fair pricing.