You’ll often find some of the best products, skillsets, and customer service from small businesses around the nation. Businesses with less than 100 employees account for 48% of the businesses in the United States, so there is lots of opportunities to support them in your community. As a small business in Casper, we are proud to provide our services to other small businesses throughout the Rocky Mountain region, and let each customer know that we value their patronage and strive to exceed their expectations.

Being a small business doesn’t mean that we are doing small things. Our diverse team can handle projects of any size, and our shop can too. With over 20,000 square feet of indoor shop space and a 10-acre work yard, we can ensure your project is done right and within the parameters of your plan. Not to mention, the over 50 years of combined experience among our team members means that the quality and attention to detail is top-of-mind on any project.

In the open spaces of Wyoming, mobility to project areas is a top priority and our willingness to travel means that our expertise can be found anywhere your job is located.

Small businesses are for all businesses and some that you won’t want to miss the opportunity to support. As a family owned and operated business, we are proud supporters of small businesses in and around Wyoming because we understand what it means to the communities, families, and individuals that provide exceptional service day-in and day-out. Thank you for supporting Reeb Welding time and again!

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