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Gym Equipment - Reeb Welding

Client: KURÂ FIT

Project Completed: July 2020 

Service: Fabrication

Reeb Welding recently designed and built several pieces of equipment for KURÂ FIT, a newly opened fitness studio that offers customized personal training and small group classes focusing on a wide variety of styles including functional fitness, weightlifting, conditioning, sport specific training and more.

Prior to their grand opening in early July, Reeb Welding custom designed and built the following pieces of equipment:

A rolling bumper plate stand to store a variety of weightlifting plates. The sturdy, well-built steel frame with industrial wheels can be easily moved and holds over 600 lbs. This stand was finished in brushed steel and flat black paint.

Adjustable metal jerk blocks, weighing in at over 600 lbs. together and topped with industrial cushioned rubber matting. These blocks were fabricated to be utilized over and over and not experience damage. Jerk blocks are helpful to athletes practicing power lifting exercises, including the “jerk” movement. It’s critical that these custom jerk blocks are sturdy enough to hold and receive the impact of fully-loaded weightlifting barbells, for both athlete safety and wear and tear of equipment. The custom jerk blocks were finished in flat black colors.

Custom rack pull-up bars and support beams were built to ensure rack strength and stability to allow for use by multiple athletes at a given time. These additions were finished in flat black colors to match the other equipment within the gym.

A custom 8-foot dumbbell and kettle bell rack was designed and built to hold over 950 lbs. This rack was also finished in brushed steel and flat black colors.

Lastly, Reeb Welding built two custom utility benches for athletes to utilize during workouts/training sessions that require movements like bench press, rows, dips, and more.

We’re pleased that this equipment is being used daily in KURÂ FIT, allowing their athletes to safely train and advance their fitness skills. To learn more about them, visit www.kurafit.com 

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