Project Completed: JANUARY 2021 

Service: SPECIALTY, Fabrication

As a small business, we understand that every employee and piece of equipment is integral to the operations of a business. When equipment is down it can be detrimental to operationsThat’s why, when Donells Candies, another local small business, came to us for help rebuilding a chocolate melter, we were pleased to have the opportunity to provide this service to them. 

Donells Candies has been a prominent business in Downtown Casper since 1956. Creating uniquedelicious chocolates and sweets is not something just anyone can do, but this business does it right. While the Donells team are experts in the industry, they have a few key pieces of machinery that help make the job easier.  

Recently, Reeb Welding rebuilt a chocolate melter for Donells Candies. We fabricated a new tank for the 50-year-old chocolate melter. This particular melter was non-functioning when we got a hold of it. The tank was so deteriorated that holes were visible and the vessel would not hold water without leaking. While the base and heating element were able to be reused, they both needed some TLC to get them back to working state. After pulling the entire machine apart, we sandblasted, welded, fabricated, and painted the outside of this entire unit so that Donells can use it in their day-to-day chocolate production for the next 50 years to come. 

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