Client: Box Elder Fused Glass

Project Completed: Summer 2021 

Service: Specialty, Fabrication

Box Elder Fused Glass located in Glenrock, Wyoming has been turning glass into dynamic works of art using a kiln and an artistic eye, for over ten years. While their work is primarily colored and clear glass fused together to create a piece of artwork, there are other elements that can be combined to amp up the creativity and create a truly one-of-a-kind product. In the summer of 2021, Box Elder Fused Glass partnered with Reeb Welding to ramp up their production.  Using the Mach 500 Flow Waterjet, we were able to cut out a large amount of the trout design for owners Kathy and Mark Patceg to then fuss, color, and mold to into the final design. Our waterjet system has the strength to cut through heavy metal and the soft precision to cut glass.

These beautiful glass centerpieces truly portray the beauty of Wyoming and the recreational activities we are known for as well as the partnership between our welding skills and local artists. To purchase a unique piece of locally created glass work, visit Box Elder Glass’ Facebook page to get in direct contact.

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