Pipeline Silencer

Specializing in advanced technology, we are proud to partner with a fellow Wyoming-based company Adelant Energy to construct their ground-breaking Pipeline Silencer. From safety and OSHA compliance to decreasing noise pollution and its effects on our community and the environment, the Pipeline Silencer is a cutting-edge technology, invented by Keegan Blake of Adelant Energy. As the only contracted manufacturer in the region, Reeb Welding is honored to build this innovative piece of equipment that’s changing the oil and gas industry! 

The Pipeline Silencer, endorsed by the Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, is a game changer for three reasons: its compliance, safety, and environmental benefits. The Pipeline Silencer is in full compliance with OSHA standards and state mandated noise levels, using engineering controls that eliminate hazardous noise at its source.  

A 2014 study found employees in the oil and gas, drilling, and pipeline construction industries are more likely to suffer hearing loss than other industry. Safety is a chief concern of energy companies, and this specialized piece of equipment prevents noise induced hearing loss with no need for ear protection for up to 3-6 hours. Additionally, the Pipeline Silencer virtually eliminates the chance to encounter volatile liquids as the rotational design better allows the operator to direct venting gas downwind.  

Finally, as the name implies, the Pipeline Silencer significantly decreases the noise pollution from oil and gas production facilities, leading to fewer complaints by civilians living or recreating nearby, while also minimizing health effects on both mammal and bird species that inhabit areas near the facilities. 

Inner Core Suppressor

According to Adelant Energy, “the Pipeline Silencer is intended for small vessels or isolated sections of pipe that are routinely blown down to atmosphere.”  The product line includes: 1” Pipeline Silencer (threaded), 2” Pipeline Silencer (flanged ANSI 150 or 300), and an Inner Core Suppressor. Silencers are a direct bolt-on or thread-on assembly that requires very little maintenance and because the entire piece of equipment is portable, one Silencer can service an entire facility.  

Flow Waterjet Table

Reeb Welding’s highly trained staff specializes in advanced technology such as the production of the Pipeline Silencer product, including the inner core suppressor, specially cut by Reeb Welding’s Flow Waterjet Table, ensuring we’re fully able to assist you with your pipeline needs.  

Contact Reeb Welding at (307) 441-1811 to purchase this cutting-edge piece of equipment or for your other fabrication and industry needs!