Creating your custom project just got easier with the Mach 500 Flow Waterjet table. With the ability to cut through any material, the possibilities are endless. Recently, we had the opportunity to work with GloW Neon Signs to help owner, Connie Morgan, create neon signs that are out of this world.   

To make her creative process flow, Connie sends her designs to Reeb Welding along with the specifications for the project. Once received, Reeb Welding’s highly trained specialists flex their waterjet knowledge to set the project up on the Mach 500 Flow Waterjet table. The technology and precision cutting of the waterjet table enable Reeb Welding to cut and design on metal to the exact specifications of each neon sign. This, in turn, allows GloW Neon Signs to create the most intricate and interesting projects for each customer.

Reeb Welding helps me customize my pieces by taking the pattern that I give them; when they cut it out on their waterjet table it’s just such a fun process. It’s so quick, it’s easy and they get it done right away and it just adds this element to my artwork that I wouldn’t have otherwise. I did a lotus flower for a tattoo artist, it was kind of a flowy piece, and it just made the whole piece come together and it just gave my artwork movement that it wouldn’t normally have had just sitting on a plain rectangle shape or square.

  • GloW Neon Signs Owner, Connie Morgan

As very few businesses have this incredibly precise technology, Reeb Welding is the go-to for any steel/metal cutting project in the region. From industrial pieces like gear segments to unique projects like knives and custom metal artwork the Mach 500 Flow Waterjet table has the ability to do them all with unmatched accuracy, quickness and speed.

Connie goes on to share the ease of working with Reeb Welding, “I would recommend Reeb Welding to any artist that needs something cut to add another element to their artwork. They’re just so friendly and easy to work with, and it’s been a real pleasure and I hope to have many more projects with them in the future.”

With several team members having completed intensive training to run this highly specialized piece of equipment, Reeb Welding is ready to help you with your next custom project.  To learn more about waterjet technology and/or our Mach 500 Flow machine, contact Reeb Welding at (307) 441-1811; we’d love to help you with your project!

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