Building Quality in the Construction Industry

Construction is an important component of essential industries in our communities, and we are proud to provide much-needed equipment, parts, and services to support such projects. Our team brings together advanced skills and years of experience to produce quality products and services, ensuring construction projects are completed correctly on time and as promised, exceeding client expectations. 

Reeb Welding owns and operates a wide variety of heavy machinery and equipment and has expertise in excavation, trenching, concrete and foundational work. Because we offer a wide array of services including shop and field fabrication, our clients save time and money by not having to subcontract out multiple services to various contractors for one project. From the ground up, we are here to do the job right. For construction projects requiring building services, our team has expertise in structural steel fabrication and erection, as well as sandblasting and coating. In addition, our team specializes in equipment installation, hydrovacing, and grouting services for pumps and compressors. 

With quality and integrity at the core of our values, we are dedicated to providing essential service to the multiple industries.  

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